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What is the Ultimate Gut Detox?

This is a 4  week cleanse program that targets gut and liver health. The system is easy to use and only requires you to take the supplements 1 time a day! You use the supplements for 5 days in a row then take a 2 day break before starting again. Most people choose to take the supplements Monday-Friday and take the weekends off. Along with the supplements you will be enrolled in a phone app to walk you through the entire process.  

The supplements, worksheet, tools, education and training in this app retail for 


But it's all yours for only


*Total cost is $312 with tax and shipping 

How do the Supplements Work?

The supplements, tips, tools, education and training in this app retail for 


But it's all yours for only


*Total cost is $312 with tax and shipping 

What are people saying about The Ultimate Gut Detox?

Frequently Asked Questions About The Ultimate Gut Detox:

Q.How will I feel on the detox?
You won’t have any of those “normal” detox symptoms. No diarrhea, rashes, etc.
What you will feel is more energy and less bloating.  Each person is different but most report that brain fog cleared up during the second week.

Q. What does being on the detox ACTUALLY look like?
It is one of the simplest detoxes I've ever seen. You wake up in the morning, and take the liquid “Liver Sauce” supplement on an empty stomach.

Hold it in your mouth for at least a minute before swallowing. 30 minutes later you will mix the powdered binder pack in water and drink it. Wait 30 minutes after the binder to eat, then carry on with your day as you normally do. It's that easy!

The detox is 5 days on and 2 days off. It’s flexible for your schedule.

Q. What if I miss a day of the detox. Do I have to start again?

The detox is 5 days on, 2 days off and most people do it Monday to Friday then skip the weekend days. If you miss a day during the week, simply take it the following day and keep the same scheduled break over the weekend. 

Q. Do I have to eat a certain way while I am on the detox?
Eating a clean, whole foods diet will help you make the most of the detox. That’s where my app comes in!
It will walk you through what should and should not eat. It also has shopping lists and recipes to help you along the way.
You don’t need to follow the diet to benefit from the detox, but you’ll get greater results if you limit the toxins going into your mouth at each meal! . The diet in the app will help aid your body in pushing the toxins out of your cells and catching them for removal from the body. We highly recommend that you cut out the white foods: no dairy, no sugar, no white flours. 

Eliminating these inflammatory foods will help detox the liver and gut and increase your results.

Q. Is this going to change the way food tastes?
Nope. The bitter taste is just in the liver sauce. The charcoal binder drink usually removes any lingering tastes. 

Q. Can I take it on vacation?
Yes, it is easy, travel pack size. The liver sauce is a small bottle. The packets are set up in their individual packages. 
You can even pre-mix the binder if you are going to be pressed for time. Just empty the packet into a water bottle, shake it up, and pack it for later!
I did the detox while staying in a hospital room for a month while my husband got chemo treatments. If I can pull it off under those circumstances, ANYONE can do it ANYWHERE!

Q. Will this help me lose weight?
It definitely can help you lose weight. Once your liver and gut start working better, it can jumpstart your whole metabolism. It’s been a very happy side effect for many of our clients.

Q. Is it safe for me to take with diabetes/ autoimmune/ thyroid issues?
This detox can help lower blood sugar, improve thyroid hormone conversion and help balance the immune system by removing toxins. We have seen amazing results in clients who have these diagnoses and have completed the detox program.

With any medical condition, you will want to consult your doctor before beginning a detox program.

Q. Can I take this with prescription medications?
It is safe to take with medications. You will want to give a two hour span before taking other medications. You have to space the meds 2 hours away from the binder so it doesn't bind to the medication and decrease the potency of the medication. This can be tricky for people who have a morning medication routine so we have them take the liver sauce and binder at night. The detox can be done any time of day, it just needs to be 2 hours away from prescription meds. We strongly recommend talking with your doctor before beginning this detox or any supplement/diet program.  

Q. When do I take it - morning or night?
You can take it any time of day, but we recommend using it in the morning to help your body detox throughout the day.

Q. Will it cause diarrhea?
Most detoxes work by moving toxins to the liver, but have no means of catching them for removal. They will attempt to do this by including a laxative ingredient that has you rushing to the bathroom to clear things out!

The Ultimate Gut Detox is different because the toxins are pushed to the liver then caught by the binder powder to be removed though the digestive tract. The binder powder is NOT A LAXATIVE and doesn't cause diarrhea. It can actually cause constipation if you don't drink enough water during the detox so be sure to drink at least 64 oz of filtered water per day while doing the detox.

Q. Can I still do the activities I love while on the cleanse?
You can go about your day and exercise just like you would normally do. We recommend drinking half your weight in ounces. So if you're 150 pounds, you'll drink 75 ounces of water a day. You don't really want to go over that amount because then you can start flushing out your electrolytes.

Q.What benefits can I expect from doing this cleanse?
Our clients who have completed the cleanse have reported an amazing list of benefits. The most common are:
-improved energy
-weight loss
-improved brain function

-balances hormones (less hot flashes, easier cycles, better mood, etc.)
-clearer skin

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