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There is nothing I love more than working together to find solutions to your health struggles and discovering simple ways you can reverse your exhausting symptoms and regain boundless energy! I am a fan of testing instead of guessing when it comes to addressing a health problem. By using the proper tests we can discover the root cause of your symptoms and create a protocol to reverse them. You can learn more about our testing here.

While testing can show us the root cause of the physical imbalance, we cannot undervalue the emotional and mental factors that can contribute to the problem. The brain and gut are made from the same tissue and response to nervous impulses in similar ways. If our thoughts and emotions are a mess then it will be reflected in our gut, hormone and brain health.

When do a coach session together my goal is to help you discover the thoughts and stories that are holding you back from achieving the health you want.

Awareness is the first step in recovery and often times we need someone to point out our errors of thinking so we can change the story.

Believe me, I pay my coach to show me how my thoughts are making me sick! I will help you do the same.

Individual coach sessions are 60 minutes long and can be done via video chat or on the phone. Either method is recorded and you will have lifetime access to the recordings. I sell these sessions in packages so we have the opportunity to work through the layers of a problem. Some calls may focus on physical symptoms while others can address the emotional level. We will work together to discover the root emotions and thoughts that are contributing to the imbalances in your body.

While it can be uncomfortable to acknowledge our errors of thinking, it is essential to moving forward with better health. I never judge a thought or feeling because I've likely had them myself! All thoughts and feelings are valid, but they may not be leading us to the best health possible. 

4 coach sessions are $797 and can be used at any frequency you choose. 

Let's write your story of better health!


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